The Opening of Astra Internship Program

Wednesday, 12 September 2012. Smkn 4 jakarta appointed to hold the opening of Astra Internship program. There are three Vocational High school following the intership program, SMKN 5 Jakarta, SMKN 39 Jakarta and SMKN 4 Jakarta. The principal of SMKN 4 Jakarta, Drs. Wahidin Ganef, MM, and vice principal of Industrial Relationship, Drs. Rahmedi, are welcoming Astra Group staff, Drs. Marsanghap Hutabarat, Erwin (Astra BMW Sunter), Karyanto (Auto 2000), Anton Sunarto (Astrido) and Ambarwanto (POLMAN Astra). The event runs well. We hope we can make mutual relationship.

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