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National Student Skill Competition 2013

The report of National Student Skill Competition 2013, Day 2 , Jakarta 22 – 28 September

National Student Skill Competition is the most prestigious competition for students of state vocational schools and private schools. Before entering National Student Skill Competition, the students are selected in Student Skill Competition in DKI Jakarta level.

SMKN 4 participates in 11 category of competition representing DKI Jakarta :

  1. CAD Machine,
  2. CNC Milling,
  3. Cabinet Making,
  4. Wall and Floor Tilling,
  5. Bricklaying,
  6. Plumbing,
  7. Industrial Control,
  8. Electrical Application,
  9. Refrigeration,
  10. Electronic Application,
  11. Automobile Technology.

The competition flows very well. Some competition which have done are CAD Machine, Refrigeration,  CNC Milling and Electrical Application. The result will be announced in Closing Ceremony Friday, 27 September 2013 at 20.00.

Hopefully, we always get gold medals in National Student Skill Competition. SMKN 4 PALING BISA…

contributors Komarrudin & Jefri

Stay Update From LKS SMK Tingkat Nasional 2013 Jakarta Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

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