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Visit to @america

@america is a cutting-edge, 21st-century cultural center where you can explore and experience the United States, and express your thoughts and ideas about America. It is conveniently located in the heart of Sudirman Central Business District, on the 3rd floor of Pacific Place Mall.

The security system is quite strict. Each visitors and their bringing need to be observed with detector machine. Even though, the system is rather strict, they are so friendly with the visitors. At @america, we have interactive dialog with native speaker and Indonesian student who gets a student exchange scholarship. They share about their experiences and American Muslim lifestyle since it was Ramadhan. They tell about Halal food in America and Muslim lifestyle influenced by their hometown culture. Beside having interactive dialog, they give us some time to chat with famous Muslim figure in America.

They facilitate us with Ipad for each three persons. Unfortunately, they only give us 10 minutes for chatting so that there are so many unsolved questions about Muslim life in America. Aside, We are pleased enough to get new experiences.

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