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Mass communication

KUSYANAVocational School is designed to give the lesson based on Competence Approach, Production Approach and Workplace Approach. Competence Approach is a holistic learning focusing on  student’s attitude, knowledge and skill. Production Approach is a learning focusing on product-making which is industrial standard. Slightly different, Workplace Approach allows the students to know more about workplace in real situation.  They should find matched company to be an intern for more or less three months. Even the students in the workplace, they are frequently monitored and supervised by the teachers. As they are not at school, they learn through different media by e-learning.

By e-learning, students can get the materials of school subjects, do the tasks given and do the test online so that they still get their grades in each school subjects without leaving the workplace. Moreover, they will get grades from the workplace and also form school. After finishing their internship program, they should back to school and study like usual.