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About Us

SMK N 4 kecilSMK Negeri 4 Jakarta is the school implement Standard Operating Procedure Quality Management, ISO 9001: 2008 certified by TUV NORD International. In isekolah to comply operasioanl international quality management procedures, we (principals, vice, teachers, and staff) do a comparative study and collaboration with various schools and corporate / industrial as well as domestic and foreign institutions (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Europe). Cooperation referred to in order to study education, exhibition, industry practice for students and job recruitment for graduates of vocational 4 Jakarta.

Curriculum, educational facilities and infrastructure are developed and tailored to the needs and development of business and industry today, so we expect students of having enough stock and superior, so as to competence in the business / industry today. In each student’s skills competition national level, we have always won a championship, representing DKI Jakarta, our students even won a championship in the race Asian students’ skill levels.

Additionally, in an effort to improve the quality of education and quality of human resources, entrepreneurship seta our students. We are cooperating with various agencies and industry, conduct or business unit fabrication and assembly production. Among them: wood-based products, mebelair / furniture and interior, plastic-based products, spoons, forks, metal-based products, such as tables and chairs, vehicle spare parts and molding. In the field of vehicle, car assembly / mini trucks and motor assembly and has a car and a motorcycle repair shop that are intended for the general public, in addition to the manufacture of trainer education to schools throughout Indonesia. Forward to this production business unit we will develop and improve for the benefit and advancement of the education our students.

Then look at the level of the development of more advanced societies and public awareness on the importance of education for the future as well as the demands and needs as well as the development of the business / industry. Then in the academic year 2011/2012 we added 4 new programs and program expertise Diploma 1 (4 SMKN cooperation with ITB Jakarta) as well as special programs “CAREER CENTER” for the last 2 program is open to the public, for graduates of vocational or equivalent and employees

A wide variety of student activities such as: Extracurricular, entrepreneurship training, prakerin and actively participated in various exhibitions both the provincial, national or international. Directed to form a creative mental attitude, a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and professional as well as for all people in our Jakarta.